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College and university educators are venturing into virtual learning, and can feel limited in their ability to transfer classroom content to online education. Clarity Consultants is at the cutting edge of all emerging technologies and techniques for online learning, ensuring student engagement and learner retention. For colleges and universities, converting educational materials provides a way to reach students online and bring in additional revenue.

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Learning traditionally happens in a classroom, but educational needs evolve, and learning solutions adapt. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated these trends. Clarity’s learning and development professionals help educators be proactive, rather than reactive, in an increasingly virtual world.

Our services include:

    • Matching educators with consultants who will ask the right questions and understand the unique aspects of academia

    • Converting classroom learning to online education

    • Coaching educators in various synchronous learning options

    • Interactive eLearning courses

    • Asynchronous learning solutions and support

    • LMS tracking and support

    • Instructional videos and Presentation support

    • Assessment creation


    To ensure students continue learning on pace, we must make sure our educators are able to keep educational programs on track through these difficult times. Transforming classroom content to online solutions will help your students continue their studies without any roadblocks. Clarity Consultants is helping many institutions with their online course offerings, converting educational materials and expanding their course offering.

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    A few of the institutions that trust Clarity with creating their education materials include:

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