eLearning Content Development

Increase Your Team’s Efficiency With Custom Training Developed By Experts

Is your learning team overwhelmed with projects?  Do you need customized training that can fit your company’s needs?

If you need a more comprehensive solution than on-demand consultants can provide, Clarity also offers full-service eLearning content development. This holistic program allows you to be hands-off so you can focus your energy on the areas that your organization needs the most. Our experts will help you:

Develop custom learning programs.
Increase employee engagement.
Close knowledge and skill gaps.
Measure, track and analyze progress.

Employees learn more and prefer training designed by Clarity’s experts.

Give them what they want, and make your next project a success.

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eLearning Development Consultant Profiles
  • Tom – SAP LMS Administrator

    Tom – SAP LMS Administrator

    Tom, a seasoned SAP LMS Administrator, has more than 10 years of experience in LMS Administration, Instructional Design, and eLearning Development. He has worked for companies such as SAP Ariba, Intuitive Surgical, Lam Research, PG&E, …Read More »
  • Susan – Learning and Development Leader

    Susan – Learning and Development Leader

    Susan is a Learning and Development Leader that has 17 years of experience creating innovative training for companies such as SGE International, W Hotels, Hilton Hotels and Commerce Bank Corp. Her work includes learning strategy, …Read More »
  • Laurana – eLearning Specialist

    Laurana – eLearning Specialist

    Laurana has more than 12 years of experience as an Instructional Designer, eLearning Specialist and Learning Technologist. She has designed and developed numerous training programs covering a wide variety of subject matter, including new hire …Read More »
Clarity has provided full-service content development for top companies including:

eLearning Content Development

We offer a wide range of managed content development services

Custom Content Development

Improve your team’s efficiency with custom-made, easily-modified learning modules that are aligned with your business goals and designed according to your requirements.
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Simulations - Clarity Consultants


Help employees explore new tasks, hone their skills and track and analyze progress using simulation training.
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Mobile Learning (mLearning)

Increase employee engagement, retention and collaboration with interactive videos optimized for mobile devices using HTML5 and xAPI.
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Blended Learning

Allow your employees to stay engaged, learn at their own pace and collect feedback quickly by offering a mix of online training and in-person meetings.
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Clarity Consultants - Micro Learning

Micro Learning

Quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap with bite-sized videos, reference guides, mini games and short interactive simulations.
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Keep your employees’ attention with high-quality, professionally-recorded audio lessons.
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Clarity Consultants - Gamification


Make your learning environment more engaging and reach your goals faster by incorporating badges, points, levels and progress boards.
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Skills Assessments and Quizzes

Establish checkpoints for your team and help them stay motivated with online mini quizzes and animated assessments.
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