Clarity Helps Utility Company with System Upgrade

Challenge A leading public utilities company was updating its outage management system, which tracked utility outages for customers in the service area. Once the software upgrade was complete, the technical job aids and training manuals needed to be refined and updated with the latest information for existing and new employees to access. Opportunity Seven modules needed to be created quickly so that training on the recently revised application could take place in accordance with the client’s timeline. More than 80 job aids needed to be redesigned so that they could be incorporated as help files in the new version of the application. Clarity provided a seasoned technical writer and instructional designer with software training experience. Results To update the materials, the consultant incorporated new process steps and captures of screens that had changed in the application. More than 80 job aids were revised into a format that could be transferred to help files in the new application. The utility employees were trained quickly on the new application. The consultant completed the work faster than anticipated, thus saving the client money that could be applied to other project work. Clarity enabled the client to: • Get its employees up-to-speed quickly on the new software. • Make training available to employees across the country. • Bring the project in under budget.

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