Clarity Helps Design Firm with Culture Survey


Teague, an award-winning design consultancy, was experiencing vigorous growth and wanted to conduct a detailed organizational assessment to better understand where it needed to focus to improve operations. Areas for assessment included decision-making processes, leadership capabilities, business process efficiencies and redundancies, organizational communication, department interoperability, and change management issues related to rapid growth.


Teague was looking for an external resource to conduct this assessment to ensure an unbiased perspective when obtaining results. Clarity provided an experienced organizational development consultant who was skilled at organizational analysis, process reengineering, and realignment efforts



The consultant first met with senior management to discuss the assessment and gather initial information. Management agreed to be open to both positive and negative feedback based on the results of the assessment and ensured that the overall results of the assessment would be shared within the organization.

The consultant developed the assessment plan and obtained information from employee groups through interviews and focus groups. One of the key findings from this process was that the company consisted of two unique cultures: one that emphasized cutting-edge technology and new approaches and one that emphasized a more traditional approach.

After assessing the required areas of interest, the consultant compiled and analyzed the results and presented recommendations to the senior management team. The recommendations were designed to provide honest feedback to leadership, improve decision-making processes and inter-group communication, and address issues related to change and rapid growth. The client demonstrated complete commitment to implementing the recommendations and requested that the consultant remain on the project. The consultant helped the client implement the recommendations and track results.

Clarity enabled the client to:
  • Identify two distinct subcultures within its organization.
  • Improve communication and trust between leaders and employees.
  • Make strategic changes to its organizational structure.

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