Clarity Helps Retail Giant Streamline Operations

Challenge Target, a FORTUNE® 50 retailer, wanted to improve its operations by implementing new conveyer systems in both its import warehouses and distribution centers. The new system would improve the flow of merchandise between points in the overall system. Opportunity Maintenance engineers needed to be trained to understand and maintain the new system properly. Clarity provided a consultant to develop the training materials for the project. Results After analyzing the target audience, the consultant used a proprietary learning management system as the platform and built text, photo, video, and Flash® elements into the course. The course was conducted, the maintenance engineers were trained, and the new conveyer system was implemented smoothly. A key element of the program’s success was the strong partnership forged between Target’s subject matter experts and Clarity’s consultant. Although the consultant worked remotely, he was able to obtain the information and support necessary to develop a first-rate Web-based course. Clarity enabled the client to: • Deliver new systems training to employees across the country. • Have training readily available on the Web for new warehouse employees.

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