Clarity Helps Grocer Deliver Critical Training to the Field

Challenge One of the largest certified organic supermarkets in the United States needed a new training course to cover topics such as union awareness and other fundamental human resource issues and policies. The client wanted the content to be delivered using eLearning so that supervisors across the country could complete the training. Opportunity Because the training was not fully developed, the client needed a consultant who could identify content, develop storyboards and an overall design, and complete the final development work. Clarity provided an instructional designer with eLearning experience. Results Working closely with the client’s subject matter experts (SMEs), the consultant identified the appropriate content and learning objectives for the training. After receiving feedback on storyboards, the consultant developed the eLearning courses using design standards that were being developed as the project progressed. The consultant used Captivate® and Raptivity® to create eLearning content that was user-friendly and interactive. An eLearning delivery method was new to this company, so the consultant built in several client review iterations during the development process and made recommendations as to how to improve the overall effectiveness of the courses during the implementation stage. Clarity enabled the client to: • Deliver critical training to a geographically dispersed workforce. • Make training readily available online to new hires.

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