Clarity Helps Retail Giant Build Its Bench Strength

Challenge A FORTUNE® 50 retailer wanted to increase its management bench strength by increasing its pool of qualified store manager candidates. Opportunity To support this goal, the client requested assistance with the development of a new training program that would leverage some existing content but feature a highly interactive format packed into a five-week time frame. The more aggressive time frame would enable a greater number of qualified candidates to assume store manager positions more quickly. Clarity provided three instructional designers for the project. Results Working closely with their client partners, the instructional design consultants focused on specific assignments related to the overall program. The final course focused on key knowledge areas to prepare the store manager candidates. It also included a case study approach to replicate the challenges of managing an entire retail store and featured a continuous activity in which each learner managed a simulated store to maximize learning and implement practical solutions. The enhanced realism of these approaches enabled the candidates to be better prepared for management in a shorter time frame. Clarity enabled the client to: • Get employees up-to-speed within an aggressive time frame. • Increase its pool of managerial candidates.

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