Clarity Helps Drug Store Chain Upgrade Its Sales Training


A FORTUNE® 50 drug store chain wanted to sell more products that had a higher price point than existing product lines. One example was a high-end skin care product. These products required a different sales approach than many of the company’s traditional product lines.


To help sell these higher priced product lines, the client requested that Clarity develop a training program for its associates. The client wanted computer-based training because the target audience was widely dispersed geographically. Clarity provided an instructional design consultant with extensive sales training experience./p>


During the needs assessment phase, the consultant researched the product line to determine the appropriate content for the product knowledge deliverable. The consultant also interviewed sales associates to identify successful techniques that could be incorporated into a new sales approach for high-end products./p>

The consultant then designed and developed the learning content using the client’s established computer-based training templates./p>

After completing the development phase, the client asked the consultant to merge the program with a new training format that incorporated realistic selling situations. The result was a scenario-based eLearning program that provided sales associates with new product knowledge and sales techniques that enhanced their ability to sell high-end products./p>

Clarity enabled the client to:

  • Train employees using realistic selling scenarios.
  • Deliver training to a widely dispersed workforce.
  • Sell higher end products.

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