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Clarity Consultants on How to Use L&D for Ongoing Employee Training

April 18, 2017

Campbell CA, 04/18/2017 –(Learning News)– Today Clarity Consultants, the leading provider of corporate learning and development, and creative consultants, announced how companies can use Learning and Development for ongoing employee training.

Today’s hiring managers are fighting against an obstacle that has plagued the recruiting process for years, the skills gap. College graduates and even experienced professionals are lacking the latest skills and training that is required to meet the quickly changing demands of their employers. This is a very real problem that even big-name employers like Microsoft and Google are struggling with on a daily basis.

“That is why Learning and Development is so important,” says Serafim Mendonca, Clarity Consultants. “To succeed in a fast-paced job market, candidates need to have the latest job skills and education to make them of value to their employers, and one effective way to get that education is through learning and development channels. Employers would be smart to offer employees the training and resources they need to stay ahead of the curve.”

Ways in which all needs can be met include:

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