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With the onset of the pandemic, organizations scrambled to keep up with learning and development with a workforce that had shifted to a work from home model. Now that the workplace is returning to normal, organizations are considering the place virtual training in their training programs.

Institutions must move quickly if they are to maintain enrollment and provide students with a positive learning experience under trying circumstances. Clarity Consultants can help you provide an exceptional educational experience while preserving and even growing revenue!

A competitive advantage can be gained by forecasting and optimizing the learning and development function that is responsible for educating, engaging and empowering a corporate workforce, partners, suppliers and leaders. This research initiative has illustrated that strategic insourcing has a place in today’s L&D workforce planning and can be a competitive advantage.

The reality of today’s workforce is that multiple generations work side by side. This can create some challenges when onboarding new employees. Understanding the learning preferences of each generation will lead to your training programs being more effective. Our onboarding guide can help you ensure that your generationally diverse workforce is successful.

What is the latest thinking about how best to train today’s employees? New training techniques give employees more control and make use of new digital technologies that increase interactivity and provide realistic simulations of work environments. The new instructional design trends make training more engaging and memorable. Do you know what they are? Learn about the latest L&D strategies and technologies from the new Clarity Consultants guide Trends in Instructional Design.

Digital learning is technology that makes training more accessible, immersive, and customized for each learner. Experienced digital learning developers understand the technologies and techniques and know how to implement the digital learning tools most helpful for your employees. Find out more about digital learning and how it can enhance your training programs. Check out Clarity’s new guide on digital learning. Download it for free now!

Promoting from within your company enables you to keep your best employees by showing them they have a future with you. In order to do this successfully you’ll need bulletproof L&D programs. Do you have the resources to retain your best people and promote from within? Get a comprehensive look at retention resources from Clarity’s guide on developing leaders. Check it out!

Growing up with the internet, social media, and mobile devices, Millennials work and learn in unique ways. They want L&D programs that engage their learning styles. Is your organization prepared to deliver?
Check out Clarity’s guide to the next gen of L&D – L&D for Millennials.

Find out how organizations are utilizing learning analytics to improve learning outcomes.

Find out how organizations are planning, implementing, and launching a cloud-based LMS.

Find out how wearable technology helps improve learning outcomes and enhances collaboration.

Find out how to use big data to improve every aspect of your training and leverage it to power business intelligence. Learn how big data can help your organization race ahead of the curve by predicting and preventing learner failures.

Find out who’s using mobile learning, if mobile learning can work for you, and how to implement a corporate m-learning program.

Trying to decide if working from home is for you? To get you off on the right foot, read our guide to making the transition to home-based work.

Developing a learning organization—one in which knowledge is at the center of the mission—is the most urgent task for today’s businesses. It’s a team activity. Read our gamified guide to hiring L&D pros and building a winning L&D team.

Learn how to invest in high-quality L&D consultants who can complete your projects on time and under budget. Our unique guide shares with you what Clarity Consultants has learned from our 25-plus years of helping employers achieve a 98% success rate with their L&D projects.

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