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Professional Bio

Marlene is an instructional writer with more than 20 years’ experience, and is skilled at translating complex subject matter into simple to understand instruction. She works well with stakeholders at all levels of the organization, and she has facilitated IT, sales and soft skill courses. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University.

  • At a media company, Marlene created business processes, job roles and software documentation for the email marketing and affiliate network divisions.
  • At a pharmaceutical company, Marlene created a live sales training program (video and collateral) and two patient instruction booklets for using insulin delivery systems.
  • At a pharmaceutical company, Marlene wrote sales training on cardiovasculars and developed the concept and content for a three-day national sales convention, including all scripts and speeches for on-site presentations, video scripts, games and activities.
  • At a regional bank, Marlene wrote and delivered sales and community relations training for the staff.
  • At a financial services company, Marlene developed tutorial documentation for the centralized lien perfection system to minimize the need for experience staff to train new hires.
  • BS, Tufts University
  • Proficient in MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, RoboHelp and SnagIt.