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Professional Bio

Ceil is a Leadership Development Specialist with over 18 years of combined experience working in Leadership Development, Facilitation and Instructional Design and Development. She has served such clients as HealthNet, Alameda Health Systems, Microsoft, Oracle, Bersin by Deloitte, AcheiveGlobal and many others. She has worked with DDI, Zenger Miller (Achieveglobal), Linkage, Skillsoft, and purpose-built leadership development programs for large and small companies around the world (including GE CAPS leadership development model, Hershey & Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model, Servant Leadership, Leadership Pipeline, and others). She has 10+ years’ experience building, delivering, and evaluating leadership development programs.

Sampling of Projects
  • For Granite Construction, Ceil assisted with the design of the framework for a leadership development program targeting various levels of employees. She incorporate both ILT and eLearning components.
  • For Stryker, Ceil worked with senior level employees to facilitate a shift in culture. She also identified general best practices that could be applied across the enterprise and later specialized for various business units.
  • At Linkage, Ceil delivered workshops on women’s risk taking and decision making strategies, on interpersonal effectiveness through emotional intelligence in leadership, and on women’s communication styles, and how best to adapt those for male-dominated environments.
  • B.A., Psychology (Learning Theory), Idaho State University
  • M.A., English (Composition and Communication), Idaho State University
  • M.A., (Organization Development), The Fielding Institute
  • M.B.A., (Cross-Cultural Communication), Idaho State University,
  • Doctoral studies in English, Carnegie fellowship, Idaho State University