How to Come Back to the Workplace

Once the coronavirus outbreak calms, millions of Americans will head back to their workplaces. Even if the buildings are the same ones that they left when the stay-at-home orders went into effect, that doesn’t mean the experience won’t change...


Converting Instructor-Led Training to Virtual

Many companies rely heavily on instructor-led training (ILT). Typically, the courses are conducted in-person, allowing groups to move forward together and benefit not just from the instructor’s expertise, but the knowledge of everyone taking part. However, traditional corporate ILT...


What Are the Red Flags for Identifying Training That Didn’t Work?

When you invest in your learning and development (L&D) program, you want to gain positive results. However, not all training pans out. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work. Figuring out whether your training is ineffective isn’t always easy. However, there...


How to Help Your Team Avoid Learning Overload

Absorbing new information requires time, dedication, and energy. They have to integrate the incoming details with their pre-existing knowledge. Plus, they have to figure out how to use the new information in a real-world way, and that can be...


How Colleges and Universities Can Adapt to Virtual Education

As the coronavirus spread, colleges and universities all across the globe closed their campuses. In-person classes were almost universally canceled, leaving many students initially in the lurch. Almost immediately, the schools focused on adapting. Many institutions that had robust...


Deep Learning Is Immersive and Effective

If you want your training to yield positive results, it needs to be both immersive and effective. Deep learning doesn’t occur when the content is dull or tedious. Similarly, if the experience isn’t engaging, it isn’t promoting long-term information...


Are Your Training Goals SMART?

Having clear and concise training goals is essential. Without defined objectives, you can’t measure the success of your learning and development (L&D) program. You won’t know what parts are working and which segments are falling short, and that can...


Design Thinking Is the Lens That Can Give Your Training Laser-Focus

Here’s a look at how you can make the most of design thinking, ensuring your training will meet the needs of even the busiest professional.


Instructional Design Foundations – What You Need to Know

But creating effective eLearning modules can be tricky. There isn’t an instructor present to monitor or enhance engagement; the course itself has to do that on its own. This makes instructional design increasingly important, ensuring you can tap into...


Workforce Development Best Practices Your Company Should Deploy

By embracing certain workforce development best practices, you can increase the odds that your organization and employees will thrive. If you don’t know where to begin, here are a few best practices every company should deploy.