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2 Ways AR and VR are Changing the Training Landscape

Learn how AR and VR are changing the training landscape in learning and development with Clarity Consultants.


The Understated Value of Peer-Peer Knowledge Sharing

Learn how peer to peer knowledge sharing can make a difference in your learning and development program with Clarity Consultants.


Squeezing the Value Out of Experienced-Focused Learning

Here are 3 ways to make sure you are providing your learners with the experiences they can best learn from as part of your corporate learning and development strategy.


The Corporate Classroom of the Future (NOW)

We’ve previously discussed how big of a challenge it can be for businesses to keep pace with the rapidly evolving Learning and Development landscape. The latest technology and personal learning experiences have completely changed individual expectations of the corporate classroom. When your trainees are stuck viewing outdated learning content and formats, their experience as a consumer has conditioned them to expect more from that experience. And as those expectations have already outpaced the realities of the corporate training experience, it is even more important for businesses to invest in modernizing their corporate classrooms.


Do We Really Have to Choose Between Instructor-Led Training and eLearning?

ELearning has truly taken the L&D industry by storm. The convenience and cost savings of scaled learning programs has been a total game changer for corporate training programs. But many still hold that the traditional instructor-led training format will always be more engaging and more impactful for students. But perhaps there is a middle ground. Here’s why.


What Can the L&D Industry Learn From AI?

Artificial intelligence has taken the business world by storm, driving dramatic transformations in every industry from manufacturing to retail. The L&D industry is no different. Here are 3 ways that AI can help L&D experts accomplish bigger and better things in an age of digital transformation.


Why Are Companies Ditching Their Old Learning Management Systems?

In their desire to enable employees to continue growing and learning professionally, many companies have fallen hard for the lure of Learning Management Systems. While LMSs are capable of doing some great things, they are far from the end-all, be-all of Learning and Development. In fact, more and more companies are realizing that pure automation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


3 Essentials For Getting Your Company To Embrace The Future

There is one thing that consistently holds companies back in their efforts to achieve goals and grow. That thing is an unwillingness to let the past be the past, and to openly embrace the future. The world is changing very rapidly, from a changing workforce to changing customer expectations. What led to business success years ago will no longer do the trick. Here are 3 actions you can take to make sure your company is ready to take advantage of an accelerating economy.

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The Surprising Benefits of Gamification in eLearning

Games have long held a position of power in the world of online content. Even before mobile devices became a popular form of game consumption, computer games were an excellent way for a user to interact with the online world. Gamification is so powerful because it is fun and addictive. People want to keep playing, they want to compete, they want to win prizes, and are happy to learn some important lessons along the way. So, if you are at all interested in exploring how gamification can play into your eLearning strategy, read on for 5 surprising benefits of this learning strategy.


Summer Micro-Learning Series: Don’t Miss Out On Video

Micro-Learning is an immensely powerful learning and development tool. If you aren’t already bringing it into your professional development programs, especially paired with mobile learning, summer is the perfect time to try it out. What micro-learning comes down to, is taking a complex skill or lesson and breaking it down into smaller, more consumable pieces. Think about how you can be challenging your team to learn new skills, while at the same time not overloading them with content that eats away at their valuable work time. Micro-learning is easier to create and consume, often with minimal cost involved. One of the most interesting formats of micro-learning is video. Here are a few ideas for you to try out this year.