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Top 10 Blogs for Learning & Development

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Top 10 Blogs for Learning & Development Professionals 2018

Introducing the Clarity Communications list of the best 10 Learning and Development (L&D) blogs. A great blog provides solid content that makes the important points of a topic easy to grasp. To make our list, a blog must be interesting and entertaining while at the same time providing useful information. Each blog on our list is useful for anyone in the field who wants to further their understanding and sharpen their skills.


Employee Retention Series: How Can Ongoing Training For Your Employees Actually Benefit Your Business?

In business, there is a consistent battle between working toward long term goals and achieving short term benefits. Learning and development programs are often front and center in the battle between these two priorities. But they are not necessarily conflicting priorities.

How Does Good Training Benefit Your Employees


Employee Retention Series: How Does Good Training Benefit Your Employees?

An effective eLearning program provides the flexibility and the power to train your employees and keep them around for the long term. Here’s how.


Why You Should Let Go and Decentralize Ongoing Learning

Learn why decentralized learning may work for your corporate learning strategy with Clarity Consultants.


The Path to Providing L&D ROI

When it comes to building a team with the skills and abilities to get your company out ahead of the competition, learning and development programs are critical. Show them how effective your programs are by building courses and strategies with solid return on investment.


How Do You Decide What to Measure in Your Learning Program?

By moving your L&D to a digital program, you are making a smart move to collect valuable user data on your learners. That data, when analyzed correctly, can help you optimize learning programs, increase engagement and retention, and demonstrate measurable return on investment for your learning programs. Here are several key performance indicators that you should monitor for optimal effect.


What Does “Learner-Centric” Really Mean in 2018?

Learning and development is a very dynamic space in corporate America. But like so many other industries, there’s a lot of buzzwords that are thrown around rather carelessly at times. One of those key words in the L&D space has been around for quite some time, and that is “learner-centric”. What does this mean now, in the dynamic learning and technology space we’re working within? Here are a few thoughts that will help bring this abstract concept to life.


Best Practices For Rolling Out Corporate Wellness Initiatives

Employee wellness is something that many employers are focusing their efforts on these days. Everyone knows that healthier employees are happier and overall more productive. But bringing wellness into your corporate culture can be a challenge. It takes strategic initiatives and thoughtful culture change to really invest in the wellness of your team. If you’re wondering how you can successfully implement a company wellness program for your employees, our recent client success story is a great example.


What is the Optimal Length of a Training Course? (Trick Question)

The length of a training course can actually have a huge impact on the success of a learning objective. If it’s too long, you can easily lose your audience. If it’s too short, you run the risk of not landing your message or even covering everything you need to teach. But the question many businesses are left asking is what is the right length for a training course?


L&D Pro Challenges: The People

Continuing the conversation around common challenges L&D pros face, we’re exploring the topic of people and how they have a large impact on the success and ability of your learning and development programs. L&D pros are often challenged with limited budgets, small teams, and an overall gap in demonstrating return on investment (ROI). To tackle these challenges L&D must focus on and demonstrate business impact. When it comes to the people involved in L&D projects, that can be a real challenge.