Learning Effectiveness


What Are the Red Flags for Identifying Training That Didn’t Work?

When you invest in your learning and development (L&D) program, you want to gain positive results. However, not all training pans out. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work. Figuring out whether your training is ineffective isn’t always easy. However, there...


How to Help Your Team Avoid Learning Overload

Absorbing new information requires time, dedication, and energy. They have to integrate the incoming details with their pre-existing knowledge. Plus, they have to figure out how to use the new information in a real-world way, and that can be...


Deep Learning Is Immersive and Effective

If you want your training to yield positive results, it needs to be both immersive and effective. Deep learning doesn’t occur when the content is dull or tedious. Similarly, if the experience isn’t engaging, it isn’t promoting long-term information...


Are Your Training Goals SMART?

Having clear and concise training goals is essential. Without defined objectives, you can’t measure the success of your learning and development (L&D) program. You won’t know what parts are working and which segments are falling short, and that can...


Design Thinking Is the Lens That Can Give Your Training Laser-Focus

Here’s a look at how you can make the most of design thinking, ensuring your training will meet the needs of even the busiest professional.


Why Effective Training Improves Retention of Top Talent

By offering effective training, you can improve retention quickly. If you are wondering why top talent flock to employers who offer robust professional development opportunities, here’s what you need to know.


Considering Setting up Self-Learning to Outpace Formal Learning Tactics

As professionals mature, they tend to take control of their own professional development. Self-directed learning becomes critical for skill acquisition in the eyes of many employees, while others just openly embrace any opportunity to discover something new on their...


How to Guide Your Team Through Segmented Learning Paths

By creating paths that feature numerous pitstops, you can deliver a massive amount of information over time, allowing you to cover more ground while boosting information retention.


3 Types of Learning Modes That Benefit Companies and Employees

When it comes to learning and development (L&D) strategies, there are a variety of approaches that can potentially provide companies and employees with value. However, not all of the learning modes align with all objectives, so it’s important to...


Why Skills-Based Training Is More Important Than Ever

Today that isn’t always an option. Technology is changing rapidly. Formal education acquired just a few years ago may already be out of date, and skillsets become antiquated seemingly overnight. If companies don’t embrace employee skills training, keeping up...