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Interview with Marcia Conner co-author of The New Social Learning

Social (adj.): Pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations; seeking or enjoying the companionship of others. Social learning, says Marcia Conner, one of the authors of The New Social Learning (with Tony Bingham, ATD Press,...


The Top 7 L&D Pinterest Boards

We scoured Pinterest and came up with the top seven boards for L&D inspiration. Most of the boards emphasize eLearning and technology and surprisingly, many of the pinners are outside of the U.S. Here they are, in no particular...


How to Prevent/Minimize Scope Creep

Interview with Kate Perez Director, Training and Organizational Effectiveness Apria Healthcare How would you define scope creep and why does it occur? Is scope creep always seen in a negative light? Scope creep occurs when the parameters of what you originally agreed...