Learning Effectiveness

The Role of Emotion in eLearning

Many think learning is a dispassionate exercise for thinking only—anything that engages feelings will only hinder rational thought. But emotions are a central part of the learner experience because they are a central part of the human experience.
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Instructional Design

Can You Repeat That? Designing Courses for Peak Memory Retention

Studies show that up to 70% of the material covered in your corporate training will be long forgotten—just 24 hours after the end of the course. This statistic is enough to increase the blood pressure of any instructor, whose entire task is to ensure that new information is retained by learners.
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Learning Effectiveness

Three Must-Haves for Optimal eLearning Effectiveness

It’s becoming a widely accepted fact that eLearning platforms are as effective as—if not more effective than—traditional in-person learning environments. But that doesn’t mean that eLearning course design is easy. In fact, improving learning effectiveness is one of the top challenges facing training and development professionals today. But don’t stress—there are a number of design elements in your online course that are proven to increase learner retention and learning outcomes. Today we’ll talk about three.
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Career Development

The 3 Writing Skills You Need to Create Effective Lessons

No course can be successful without quality content, and good course developers know that learner engagement and instructional effectiveness depend on how coherent and appealing the lessons are. This means that you need to polish off your writing skills—you want your learners to be engaged with your text, not distracted by it.
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Organizational Development

Cultivating Instructor Presence in an Online Environment

One of the toughest parts about leading online instruction is the missed opportunity for face-to-face contact time with students, which some course leaders believe can establish authority, strengthen the instructor-learner relationship, and set the tone for learning. And research shows that a strong instructor presence leads to better student learning, cognition, and motivation. But how can you do this in the online environment?
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Career Development

What Learners Really Think about eLearning

Want to know what eLearners really think about online courses? Below are the top three complaints we’ve heard from online learners, as well as remedies that can help you sidestep learner complaints and start basking in positive feedback.
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