Learning Effectiveness

eLearning Should Tell a Story

Research shows that learners gain a deeper understanding when their training is built on a story. The story presents real-life scenarios in which employees are to apply their knowledge to solve a problem or construct a plan. Here are a few examples of how to incorporate storytelling in to your training sessions.
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Learning Effectiveness

Micro Learning Made Easy

Have you ever taken a complex skill and broken it down into bite-size pieces? When you are challenging your team to learn new skills, a bite-size skill may be more manageable. Micro learning is easier and more constructive, particularly in smaller amounts of time, with minimal cost involved. So, how do you set up a positive micro learning environment that is conducive to your business schedule and the amount of learning you need your team to garner?
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Instructional Design

Designing eLearning for Non-Digital Natives

Creating an eLearning course for an audience who doesn’t have much experience with technology can be intimidating. Whether you are designing an elearning course that is targeted toward non-digital natives (such as “Introduction to Social Media”) or you want to make sure your courses are inclusive of learners from all levels of technical experience, we have some tips for you.
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Learning Effectiveness

Who Steers the Ship? The Impact of Learner Control on eLearning.

That’s a much more complicated question than it appears. Many say that allowing online learners to influence aspects of the learning process gives them a sense of autonomy that increases motivation and engagement. Learners love having control over the course experience—after all, they are used to the internet, where they are free to wander through sites at their own pace, click on content that interests them, and walk away from the computer when they feel like it. Why take that freedom away from them just because they’re doing an online training?
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