Summer Micro-Learning Series: Just-In-Time Personalized Learning
Micro learning is a powerful tool because it delivers the concepts and information that employees need in less time for greater impact. Just-in-time learning provides an even greater resource for employees to get the on-the-spot resources they need to tackle tough tasks. Here are 5 things you can do to bring this speedy training method into use at your company this summer.
1) Know the Learning Journey
Just-in-time learning gives employees the information they need when they need it. This can be essential when managing organization change. They can access these critical resources at a moment’s notice and even brush up on their skills at times most convenient to them. Knowing what that decision process looks like from the outside is important to providing the micro-learning resources that will be most useful to your team. This takes planning, organization, and research on the part of the learning and development team. Start by digging into the data on what information is currently available, what the learning objectives are, and where there are finite performance and skill gaps. This will help you set the stage for a more effective micro-learning program.
2) Pair Objectives with Training Activities
Once you know what the learning objectives of your team members are, align the resources and training activities closely with those objectives. It’s not enough to just provide information as it’s available. You need to think about how your program is going to cover a lot of training ground with limited “just-in-time” style online resources. For example, if employees need to quickly learn how to ring up a purchase, the training should only cover the steps involved and the essential skills that will help them accomplish that goal. There’s no need to burden them with too much information about every function of the POS system, or even how to perfect their sales approach. Focus on the training that will help them accomplish a vital task, then as needed, you can provide access to less essential skills as time permits.
3) Create A User Friendly Micro-Learning Archive
Just-in-time trainings should be easily accessible and consumed online. The method of delivery matters. Employees don’t have time to dig for the information they need in the moment. Keeping that in mind, your microlearning resource should be neatly organized, searchable, and broken up into easy-to-consume formats, think videos or infographics. Team members should always be able to look up a lesson again in the future if the need arises, but in the moment, the search should not detract from the learning experience.
4) Allow Employees to Share Experiences
It’s a fact that every work day provides a wealth of learning opportunities. The lessons that employees learn on their own are valuable to their coworkers and the company as a whole. That’s why you should enable team members to share their learnings with others as part of the micro-learning program. Incorporating social support and real world training scenarios (as well as critical feedback on their learnings and experiences) will help produce truly impactful lessons.
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