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5 Blogs for Marketing Gurus

Clarity Consultants - 5 Blogs That Can Make You an L&D Guru

We totally understand. Your plate is overflowing with projects from on high, there’s a new website rollout, and you’re bogged down in everyday tasks like managing your team, your blog, and your social media strategy. Who has the extra time to find the hottest blogs trending in creative circles ? No worries. We did it for you!

Taking into account how relevant the content is to corporate marketing and, in most cases, how frequently the blog is updated, we’ve narrowed the list down to five of our favorite blogs where you can pick up tips from the most creative and influential experts.


The layout of this design blog is slick and sophisticated, and its content nicely diverse: from articles, visual inspiration, tutorials, and interviews, there’s a lot to explore.


Writers, this one’s for you: helpful, often funny articles on the fine art of content writing populate this site, with a focus on boosting your career by making your copy sparkle.


Its founders see Creativeoverflow as “a hub for creatives to draw advice, inspiration, tutorials and resources from.” There’s something for everyone here—designers, marketing experts, content managers, and anyone who identifies as a creative professional.


Darren Rowse makes his living blogging, so his advice on writing, social media, and creating a marketable presence online is a can’t-miss for freelance writers.


David Meerman Scott brings his experience as a renowned marketing and sales strategist to his blog in frequent, engaging posts about everything from marketing to public relations to social media strategy.

If you liked these and are on the hunt for more, check out our full listing of all 20 blogs: