Instructional Design

Improved Training Means Improved Performance

Do your employees leave training sessions inspired and energized to try new strategies? Do they look for opportunities to extend their learning? Does current training improve performance?

If not, your training design may be outdated, boring or missing the target. Employee productivity and problem solving will be improved with custom designed and engaging courses and materials. Employees learn more and prefer training designed by the experts at Clarity Consultants.

A few of the companies that trust Clarity for creating their training include:


Clarity Offers Expertise in Key Instructional Design Areas

Our network of resources and expertise can fill your instructional design needs with high quality talent at any time.

Content Design and Development

Develop online training content and instructor-led-training courses providing solutions such as job aids, software simulations, demonstrations, and interactive eLearning.
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Social and Informal Learning

Extend learning opportunities while promoting knowledge and resource sharing among groups by providing access to social learning platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Yammer.
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Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Classroom Use

Use interactive and traditional teaching methods to create a rich learning experience supplemented with workbooks, activities, and slides.
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Promote trainee engagement in learning to increase information retention. Improve job performance using interactive learning materials. Generate automatic internal benchmarks to gauge effectiveness.
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E-Learning, Virtual Classes, and Mobile

Engage learners in E-learning courses and modules using interactive content like custom apps and sophisticated software. Convert face-to-face training into virtual and video sessions.
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Multimedia/Video Creation

Assist with all phases of media development including conceptualization, creation, editing, visual effects, and audio.
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Blended Learning

Give learners multiple ways to experience training content with a blend of instructor-led and eLearning courses.
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Graphic Design

Elevate learning with custom graphics and animations for proposals, presentations, brochures and other collateral materials.
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