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International Financial Services Company Updates Mandatory Training

Clarity Helps Global Bank Upgrade Credit Risk Training

An international financial services company needed to update its mandatory training for investment bankers, credit analysts, and underwriters on a software program that analyzes credit risk for commercial loan applicants.

The existing training materials and user guide were outdated, and the training did not provide an accurate skills assessment when end users completed the course. Clarity provided a senior instructional designer with experience designing assessments to help the client update the software training program.

The consultant conducted a needs assessment and determined which areas of the online tutorial and user guide were outdated. After updating these elements, the consultant revised the instructor-led class materials, including a knowledge check taken at the end of the training.

The consultant developed practice scenarios that enabled end users to demonstrate their proficiency before accessing the live system. As a result, the knowledge check provided a more accurate assessment of participants’ ability to complete realistic job tasks using the system.

Clarity enabled the client to:
• Efficiently deliver updated credit risk training to employees.
• More accurately assess that learning transfer occurred with this critical training.