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Selecting Learning and Development Consultants: Avoiding the Costs of a Bad Hire

Key Summary

  • There is a growing demand for Learning and Development (L&D) consultants, but a lack of critical evaluation of the quality of consultants.
  • This leads to high costs for companies because the effects of “bad” consulting is not being accurately captured. Invisible expenses, such as wasted time and resources, can damage company reputations as well as the bottom line.
  • Companies wishing to avoid this cost should invest in high-quality consultants who offer evidence of three key skills: communication, experience, and expertise.
A Growing Demand for L&D Consultants

Learning and Development has become a top priority for many organizations who recognize the long-term strategic impact of effective training. In fact, 68% of businesses say they are currently increasing investment in L&D initiatives. In 2013, training budgets increased by 15% across the nation, and most companies report spending an average of $1,169 per learner on L&D initiatives. Technology companies seeking specialized services make higher investments—nearly $1,900 per learner.

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