Food Services Company Implements a New Long-Term Training Program

Clarity Helps Food Services Company Build Bench Strength

An integrated food and facilities management services company wanted to build bench strength in its talent pool from which it could draw future facility managers. As part of this effort, a training program was needed to provide a career path for high school graduates who wanted to join the company as general managers in training.

The training program would complement an overall career path that included working while earning college credit and structured, on-the-job training. Because of the program’s length, it represented a significant investment for the company in these future facility managers. Clarity provided a consultant with experience in instructional design and subject matter expertise in facilities management to develop the materials needed for the training program.

Working closely with subject matter experts, the consultant developed the course, which consisted of five distinct modules ranging from Administration to Maintenance Management. Although the modules were designed primarily for self-study, they were also used for limited classroom training, on-the-job training guidance, and small group interaction.

Clarity enabled the client to:
• Implement a long-term training program that accommodated the schedules of the managers-in-training.
• Build its core pool of future facilities managers.