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Security Company Opens the Door to Accessible Learning

AlliedBarton Security Services (AlliedBarton), the largest American-owned security officer services company, wanted to convert its instructor-led training programs to an eLearning format so that training would be accessible to employees across the country.

AlliedBarton management knew that reducing the travel expenses associated with classroom-based training would reduce its overall training costs, but the company lacked an instructional designer with eLearning expertise. Clarity provided an instructional designer with eLearning experience and expertise in Captivate®, the development tool selected for the project.

The consultant worked with AlliedBarton team members to update the instructor-led training materials and then converted them into the eLearning format. The new modules were uploaded to the company’s learning management system (LMS). During the conversion process, the consultant partnered with other internal and external consultants to ensure a consistent approach and a uniform application of the LMS templates.

Clarity enabled the company to:
• Gain expertise on converting training content.
• Ensure that the new courseware followed a standard format.
• Provide essential training to employees in field locations.
• Reduce travel expenses associated with classroom-based delivery.

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