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Working-Effectively-as-a-Virtual-Consultant_LP-200x200 Insights - White Papers

With an estimated 30 million people working from home in 2016, virtual job opportunities are on the rise. Increased productivity and flexibility are just a few of the benefits shared by companies and employees who participate in a teleworking program.

Hiring_LD_Professionals_LP_6-200x200 Insights - White Papers

Developing a learning organization—one in which knowledge is at the center of the mission—is now understood to be the most urgent task for today’s businesses.

2016-03-10-08_24_49-Business-People-Shaking-Hands-In-Meeting-Stock-Photo-_-Getty-Images-200x200 Insights - White Papers

Lack of critical evaluation of the quality of L&D consultants leads to high costs for companies because the effects of “bad” consulting is not being accurately captured.

2016-03-10-08_30_08-Business-People-Working-In-Teleconference-Stock-Photo-_-Getty-Images-200x200 Insights - White Papers

Locating specialized skills when you need them is a top challenge for companies that rely on professional talent.

iStock_000084975537_Full-200x200 Insights - White Papers

Finding the talent required to meet today’s business challenges has never been more critical. And chances are it’s not getting any easier, despite the lingering recession…

workforce-planning-white-paper-200x200 Insights - White Papers

L&D departments require agility and flexibility to meet strategic changes. Ultimate flexibility is provided by building out a blended workforce approach.

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