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Based in Switzerland, Novartis has been aggressive in attacking illnesses on multiple fronts, including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and consumer health. Its largest division, Pharmaceuticals, develops and manufactures prescription drugs for blood pressure, cancer, and other ailments. Subsidiary Sandoz produces generic drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Its Alcon division makes ophthalmic drugs, surgery systems, and contact lenses. Novartis has divested its vaccines and consumer health (Excedrin, Theraflu, and other products) divisions. Signaling the growing importance of its cancer operations, Novartis plans to separate its oncology and pharmaceuticals units.

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Working-Effectively-as-a-Virtual-Consultant_LP Johnson & Johnson
December 5, 2016

Working Effectively as a Virtual Consultant

With an estimated 30 million people working from home in 2016, virtual job opportunities are on the rise. Increased productivity and flexibility are just a few of the benefits shared by companies and employees who participate in a ...