For power management company Eaton, diversified operations are key to a healthy business. Helping customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power with efficiency and safety, Eaton provides an array of products, from automation controls and wiring devices, across five industry segments. It also manufactures components for the vehicle and aerospace sectors, and sells clutches and brakes under the Airflex brand. The company has a worldwide reach, and came into its current being following the acquisition of Cooper Industries in 2012 in a $13 billion mega-deal.

Manufacturing Industry Insights

Working-Effectively-as-a-Virtual-Consultant_LP Eaton
December 5, 2016

Working Effectively as a Virtual Consultant

With an estimated 30 million people working from home in 2016, virtual job opportunities are on the rise. Increased productivity and flexibility are just a few of the benefits shared by companies and employees who participate in a ...