Practical Ways to Reduce Development Cycle Time for Corporate Learning

One of the most reported challenges in corporate learning is time management—specifically, how to reduce development cycle times for new training. Time is inextricably bound to money, so the longer a project drags on, the less cost effective its final product will be. In today’s on-demand world, there’s a heavy incentive to do things quickly without compromising quality and learning effectiveness. In fact, today’s learning professionals are expected to do things more quickly and better than ever. Is it possible? Absolutely—with an investment in upfront preparation and an ability to be flexible.


Three Must-Haves for Optimal eLearning Effectiveness

It’s becoming a widely accepted fact that eLearning platforms are as effective as—if not more effective than—traditional in-person learning environments. But that doesn’t mean that eLearning course design is easy. In fact, improving learning effectiveness is one of the top challenges facing training and development professionals today. But don’t stress—there are a number of design elements in your online course that are proven to increase learner retention and learning outcomes. Today we’ll talk about three.


Asking The Right Questions at the Right Time

Soliciting helpful feedback after a course is over is a crucial step in the design process, because it lets you know what worked well for learners and what needs to be revisited. But there are plenty of factors that affect the success of course evaluations, including the questions asked, learner enthusiasm, and timing of the feedback process.


Be a L&D Expert, Be Invaluable.

Danni Designer’s morning had been a doozy. Minutes after finishing her green shake, the Vice President of Sales rushed into her office, having just returned from an Educational Technology conference. “I know what I want for our New Hire Sales Training,” he breathlessly exclaimed. “It needs more video examples, gamification, and I want everything to be accessible via smart phone. Everyone is moving their training to mobile.”