Challenges (and Solutions) for Developing Global Workforce Training

With the past decade’s focus on the importance of employee learning, the training industry has grown significantly, and many companies are now faced with the challenge of developing large-scale training for a global workforce. This is excellent news for both companies and designers who develop their training—but designing for a multi-cultural, geographically expansive audience has its challenges. With such a diverse audience, is it possible to develop training that has a consistent impact for everyone? Let’s examine some of the challenges—and solutions—for a project of this magnitude.


5 Secrets for Increasing Employees’ Product Knowledge

Starbucks is doing something right. In addition to brewing a good cup of java, the coffee chain has become an industry standard for excellent product knowledge and service, as well as employee satisfaction. How do they do it?


The 3 Writing Skills You Need to Create Effective Lessons

No course can be successful without quality content, and good course developers know that learner engagement and instructional effectiveness depend on how coherent and appealing the lessons are. This means that you need to polish off your writing skills—you want your learners to be engaged with your text, not distracted by it.


Augmented Learning: What’s the Big Deal?

The more we understand about the process of learning, the more sophisticated our learning tools need to be. Most instructional designers will say that creating adaptive and dynamic courses, which put learners in charge of their own learning, is the ideal way to impart knowledge.