The Clarity Difference

Effectiveness in today’s business climate requires both expertise and resources. Clarity delivers both, on-demand, to help your organization perform at its best. Our learning and development consultants combine strategic insight with tactical know-how to enable you to keep the momentum moving forward on projects, goals, and initiatives.

Benefits to You

Clarity provides elite consultants with experience in your specific industry who possess advanced skills and an acute awareness of the latest tools, trends, and technologies. The result for our clients is a significant time and costs savings, reduced risk, and project success.

Enterprises Prefer Clarity

There is a reason why over eighty percent of Fortune 500 firms rely on Clarity to staff their projects. Our background, skilled consultants, and broad range of experience across industries and sectors help set us apart from the competition.

The Leadership Team

From innovative minds to extensive industry experience and expertise, our leadership team is
comprised of well-rounded business professionals ready to meet the challenges of today, and the future.

Herb Tieger


President and Chief Executive Officer

Herb Tieger oversees all aspects of Clarity Consultants. He is responsible for shaping the company’s growth strategy and brand presence and overseeing its entry into new markets. Herb launched Clarity Consultants in April 1993, and he has positioned the company as a highly regarded resource and national leader in the professional services arena.

“In today’s complex business environment, successful companies must be able to adapt to constantly changing global economies and workforce demographics,” says Herb. “At Clarity, that’s what we do—help companies succeed. Our ability to accommodate the unique business and workforce requirements of our clients and provide them with a talent pipeline of specialized consulting expertise is why we are the preferred partner of corporate leaders in nearly every industry.”

Prior to launching Clarity Consultants, Herb held several leadership positions at CDI Corporation. As the western regional vice president, he oversaw the company’s operations, training, and development.

Herb earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles and a J.D. in Corporate Law from the University of San Francisco School of Law.


Cristina Mendonca


Vice President, Consultant Services

Cristina Mendonca is responsible for all aspects of Clarity Consultants’ consulting services function. She was instrumental in aligning the Consulting Services, Sales, and Marketing divisions to ensure a seamless and superior customer service experience. She also oversees the development and implementation of various initiatives to support Clarity’s growth strategy and shape its position as an industry thought leader. Cristina previously served as the director of consulting. In that role, she restructured the consulting services team and implemented processes and operational procedures to streamline efficiencies regarding the delivery of services.

“A successful project requires consultants with just the right combination of technical skills and personality,” says Cristina. “At Clarity, we’ve assembled a seasoned fulfillment team and implemented specialized and proprietary processes that are the basis of our success in the professional services arena and that will enable us to provide exceptional, high-quality service as we continue to grow.”

Prior to joining Clarity, Cristina was an analyst, sales engineer, and technical marketing manager in the technology industry. She was integral in shaping the processes and structure of several organizations, including Portal Software (acquired by Oracle) and Kaiser Permanente.

Cristina holds an MBA from San Jose State University and a BSC in Management of Information Systems from Santa Clara University.


Bob Bonomo


Vice President of Sales

Bob Bonomo has 22 years of progressive experience in the workforce solutions industry with management positions in two multi-billion dollar publicly-traded companies, Manpower and Adecco. Bob has been involved with most areas of staff augmentation for the Global 500 as well as having managed highly productive regions with full profit and loss responsibility. In addition, Bob was instrumental in launching and developing a specialty medical science staffing division at Adecco.

Bob holds a BA from San Jose State University.


Christina Ngo


Vice President, Finance

Christina Ngo handles all aspects of Clarity Consultants’ financial functions, including controllership, financial planning and analysis, payroll, tax, and audits. She previously served as accounting manager. In that role, she was responsible for implementing the processes and systems needed to support company growth and daily financial operations.

“Clarity Consultants is dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient customer service,” says Christina. “Our integrity, teamwork, and commitment to excellence across all divisions of the company, along with an Accounting department that is flexible and responsive to the individual needs of our clients and consultants, are the reason we can make that promise.”

Prior to joining Clarity, Christina held several leadership positions at a large Silicon Valley technical staffing provider. She managed payroll for more than 2,000 contract employees, oversaw collections, and processed internal payroll.

Christina received her B.A. in Finance from San Jose State University.


Serafim Mendonca


Vice President, Corporate Development

Serafim Mendonca is responsible for all aspects of Clarity Consultants corporate development functions. He has played a critical role in the integration of Clarity’s business technology and marketing programs. He also oversees the development and direction of Clarity’s corporate applicant tracking and financial processes and systems.

“A successful organization requires dynamic and cohesive technology from top to bottom,” says Serafim. “At Clarity, we’re constantly mindful of that as we analyze ways to improve our service offering and overall effectiveness.”

Prior to joining Clarity, Serafim was an information systems manager in the medical device, healthcare, and technology industries at firms such as Portal Software (acquired by Oracle) and Adeza Biomedical (acquired by Hologic).

Serafim holds an MBA from San Jose State University and a BSC in Management of Information Systems from Santa Clara University.


Robert Lerner

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Robert has spent over 30 years in key executive roles for large corporations such as Sybase, Siebel, Fortinet, and many others. He brings a wealth of experience from the hardware, software, semiconductor, and telecom business sectors. He is operationally focused, and has had extensive involvement with billion-dollar, global organizations.

Robert holds an MBA in Finance from Georgia State University and a BBA in Accounting from Marshall University.