The Top 20 L&D Blogs

It goes without saying that there are a lot of blogs on the Internet—181 million according to a survey by NM Incite. So it wasn’t easy to narrow the best blogs targeted at Learning and Development professionals down to only 20. But we did. We took into account how relevant the content was to workplace learning and how frequently the blog was updated. We also excluded company blogs (to be featured in a future list). Here are our top 20 (listed alphabetically):

  1. Allison Rossett – Dr. Rossett is an Educational Technology professor at San Diego State University, author and consultant. She posts about topics such as, “Why We Need Instructional Design Now More Than Ever,” and “Moving beyond the Classroom—Talk that Leads to Action.”
  2. Bozarth Zone – Jane Bozarth, author of “Social Media for Trainers,” writes about how to effectively use social media for learning and how to design inexpensive eLearning.
  3. Charles Jennings – A former CLO, Jennings’ substantive posts center on how to improve performance through learning innovation.
  4. Clark Quinn’s Learnlets – Quinn blogs frequently and passionately on L&D and topics that might at first glance seem unrelated, but on a closer look, do connect well to learning and development.
  5. Clive on Learning –Clive Shepherd hails from Brighton in the UK and writes about all things eLearning. His blog is set-up so that you can toggle between different layout formats.
  6. E-Clippings (Learning as Art) – Mark Oehlert is a Customer Success Director at Socialtext who blogs about Anthropology, large organization dynamics, how communities function and grow and how technology and culture come together.
  7. E-Learning 24/7 Blog –Craig Weiss is the brains behind the blog, eLearning 24/7. He writes about the “truth and realities of eLearning” and he reports that 90% of his predictions on eLearning have been accurate since his blog launched in 2009.
  8. E-Learning Acupuncture – Eric Tremblay is an Instructional Designer at the Royal Military College of Canada and writes from an Educational Technology perspective.
  9. Experiencing E-Learning – Christy Tucker is an online instructional designer who writes about corporate eLearning, instructional design, K-12 education, lifelong learning and technology. She posts interesting or useful links in her weekly bookmarks posts.
  10. Internet Time Blog – Blog owner Jay Cross says he was the first person to use the term eLearning on the web. He is a prolific poster and is never at a loss for an opinion.
  11. Kapp Notes – Karl Kapp, an Instructional Technology professor at Bloomsburg University, created his blog to discuss issues concerning learning and transferring knowledge from retiring Baby Boomers to game-loving Millennials.
  12. NuggetHead – Kevin Thorn is a self-described Chief NuggetHead. His background is illustration and eLearning design, and he brings a visual perspective to L&D.
  13. Learning in the Social Workplace Blog – Jane Hart specializes in supporting learning, performance and collaboration in the social workplace. In addition to writing a wealth of interesting posts, Hart is also skilled curator.
  14. Learning Zealot– Mark Britz offers his take on organizational learning and performance improvement in Learning Zealot. Britz, a self-described pragmatic learning professional, writes about a number of topics, from innovation to connectivity.
  15. Life in Perpetual Beta– Harold Jarche has been blogging for ten years, publishing 2,350 posts that have garnered 6,500 comments.  He writes about sense-making for the connected workplace and claims he gets his best ideas while riding his bicycle.
  16. Misadventures in Learning – David Kelly is a curator extraordinaire with his link-filled backchannels from every L&D-related conference. If you’re not able to attend a conference in person, Kelly’s backchannels are the next best thing to being there.
  17. Phase(two)learning – Michelle Baker writes about onboarding new employees, how to market your learning and development programs and facilitation skills in a clean, easy-to-read format.
  18. Socializing Workplace Learning – Tom Spiglanin shares his thoughts about workplace learning, and more specifically, social learning. Spiglanin practices what he preaches by engaging in learn chats, attending learning conferences and sharing what he learns via his blog.
  19. The eLearning Coach – eLearning Designer Connie Malamed is the eLearning Coach. She writes about all things eLearning-related and also compiles an e-newsletter that is delivered twice a month.
  20. Usable Learning – Author Julie Dirksen shares her views on usable learning and designing for how people learn. Her thought-provoking posts are on topics such as, “You can’t solve problems you don’t know about,” and “Virtual Chainsaws—when it’s not a knowledge problem.”